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Relationship counseling services

Relationship Counseling

Counseling centers are committed to enriching relationships and in improving understanding and communication skills.

Online counseling is available with licensed mental health counselors who have been in practice helping individuals and couples for many years. Certified hypnotherapists trained in couple’s mediation are also available, as are counselors specializing in practice working with individuals, couples and families conducting workshops and groups to help achieve greater self-esteem. Online therapy courses designed to help relieve stress and anxiety are on offer as well.

Counseling for individuals, couples and families can be found via interactive workshops.

Counselors share a strong commitment to deepening and enriching family relationships with formative training in Transactional Analysis, Gestalt Therapy, Cultivation of Human Capacities, Relationship Skills. Also providing direct service, coordinating programs for diverse populations, developing creative approaches to problem solving, supervising clinical staff, and holding a vision for what team work means in the largest sense.

Staff include licensed marriage and family therapists in private practice committed to the rediscovery of the vitality, creativity, spontaneity, and intimacy that enhances relationships and supports recovery in families as well as individuals.

Background includes helping families through education and communication to pioneering school courses on sex education, and assisting in organizing self-help programs for families recovering from sexual abuse. (Victims of Incest-Caring, Educating, Surviving). Also working extensively with adults recovering from childhood trauma, supporting and celebrating individuals as they reclaim their lives and find hope, healing, and joy.

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